The exhibition “Step into Space” has opened its gates to students and teachers of all levels from Monday, November 23, 2020. It presents key points of space conquest, the applications of space technology in our daily lives, how satellites are used for monitoring weather phenomena, the natural environment and the impact of human activity and much more. We talk to visitors about spacecraft traveling beyond the boundaries of the solar system in search of new worlds. How could we communicate with them? In which language;

Young visitors are invited to design the cover of their own space science magazine at the end of the visit. Selected covers will be permanently “installed” in the virtual exhibition. The experience of visiting the virtual world can be transferred to students via the internet using a communication platform. The duration of the visit is from 45 to 60 minutes.

The exhibition was designed by ARS ELECTRONICA (Austria) in the context of the major European spaceEU action ( In the Virtual World attributed by Jean Francois Reveillar (DBC Research Switzerland).

We look forward to seeing you at our virtual world exhibition in Second Life at the address

Alternatively we can offer you a guided tour via the Webex communication platform (by inviting us as speakers / guides through your school account) or via the Zoom platform (we will invite you -teachers and students- to join our session at the Ellinogermaniki Agogi R&D department’s account).

For more information (preferred way to contact is email):

Dr. Angelos Lazoudis

Tel. + 30-210-8176795